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We have catered to corporate executive transfers in Los Angeles and surrounding areas for decades. Throughout our time with executives we have come to identify the key points of importance that all executives expect. Time is always of the essence. Executives require precision that we aim to provide with every transfer. Most importantly, executives are normally catered to by assistants. These assistants are putting their name and reputation on the line when hiring a car service for their respective guests. Our goal is to make the assistant that trusted us with their executive’s care look great.

At LB Limousine we expect executives to phone their assistants and notify them that we are from now on their car service of choice. That is the goal that we strive for with each and every client we cater to. Meeting destinations and time deadlines is what we pride ourselves in accomplishing. Our executive client needs to be at a meeting at 4 PM…we are here to make sure they are there by 3:50 PM with enough time to freshen up and get ready to impress.

Most executives we cater to fly in first class. First class differentiates itself with a list of amenities that they provide to their guests along with privacy and comfort. Our vehicles cater to the first class flyer. With amenities on board such as Fiji bottled water, brand named wet wipes, sanitizers, face masks in reserve should you need one, pens, chargers for every type of device, and mints…we look to provide you with the same experience you receive once on your flight.

The last and probably most important expectation from an executive client while navigating through Los Angeles in peace and quiet. We only purchase vehicles in our fleet that have a quiet cabin throughout the ride. Our chauffeurs never speak to clients in order to conversate unless the client expresses a willingness to while on board. Your privacy and comfort is and always will remain the goal.

Client Testimonials

Highest Rated & Most Reviewed Limo Service in America.

I would give them 100 stars if I could... everything was extremely professional.

From the very first contact, they were nothing but responsive, kind, and nice. We booked their services twice and they were always on-time, and the cars were really clean. I will definitely use their services again.

Lia S. Reviewer on Yelp

Would definitely use their services again when needed

Prompt. Professional. Accountable. Top notch vehicle. Would definitely use their services again when needed.

Mary R. Reviewer on Yelp

These guys were great at every turn.

The communication with Patrick was clear, professional, and polite and the drivers were both outstanding and helpful. The cars were clean, and it's just a top notch organization.....highly recommended.

Matthew L. Reviewer on Yelp

This group is top shelf. The Communication was great.

This group is top shelf. The Communication was great. We used the service several times. All drivers are professional, courteous, safe and timely.

Dan W. Reviewer on Google

The service was exceptional!

Excellent driver , vehicle was clean and well appointed with water, mints, wipes. Comfortable ride . The service was exceptional!

Beth S. Reviewer on Google

Everything was top-notch!

Driver arrived early. Very friendly. Great experience. Everything was top-notch!

Bob J. Reviewer on Google

Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that for some a limo service is not an everyday need and therefore you have questions and maybe a bit of hesitancy on reserving our services. Hopefully the following frequently asked questions will help put your mind at ease.
As a premium limo service we cater to executives and corporate accounts daily. We understand the need to be punctual and professional at all times. Your executive will be in the very best care while with our service. Most of our executive transfers are booked through assistants and we definitely understand that you are trusting us with the guests’ care.
Our main line at 310-494-1080 is always available to call at anytime. After hours you will be connected to our dispatch who can answer any and all questions you may have.
We typically refrain from providing chauffeur details prior to the reservation time because chauffeurs are contacted while with other clients or sometimes after hours while they are asleep. Rest assured any and all questions you may have can be answered at 310-494-1080. In some cases where the reservation can not be completed without chauffeur details (to gain security access) then we will be happy to make the chauffeur info readily available per your request.
All of our chauffeurs are trained to speak only when spoken to. Sometimes clients engage in conversation which we happily enjoy but we never start conversations for the sake of starting them. Peace and privacy are important and if the client does not want to speak the chauffeur will have no problem staying quiet.
Typically there are two reasons for why any limo service is late for a scheduled pick up. Either they slept in or the company jams to many reservations close to each other and if one goes wrong it is like a domino effect. At LB Limousine we pride ourselves in provide ample time in order to not rush any guest, and also not risk being late to the next reservation. Our dispatch and reservation team provide wake up calls where if a chauffeur has not checked in by a certain time (typically 1.5 hours prior to pick up) then we call them directly in order to get them going. At LB Limousine on time is we always strive to be early.
We work with all FBOs regularly and if one comes up that we are not familiar with we will call and even stop by prior to your reservation in order to get a feel for the FBO and provide a swift in and out of all arriving or departing flights. There isn’t an FBO we will go to for the first time on the day of your reservation.

Serving Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas

Our LAX car services proudly encompass the Los Angeles area including Bel Air, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Pasadena. Irvine, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Santa Barbara, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, Santa Clarita County, Orange County, and Ventura County.
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