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At LB Limousine we believe that clients need to be well informed prior to even reserving our services so that they can make the best decision for themselves.

We realize that for some a limo service is not an everyday need and therefore you have questions and maybe a bit of hesitancy on reserving our services. Hopefully the following frequently asked questions will help put your mind at ease.
All clients whreserve our services will provide a Visa, Mastercard, or Amex at the time of booking. If reserving more than one trip, the first will be paid at time of booking with the remaining trips charged as they are finished. We dnot accept payment via cash or accept payment during the ride. If you are reserving under a corporate account than we would discuss which options would fit best for your corporate needs and try our best to accommodate.
Sedans and SUVs are a 24 hour cancellation notice requirement. Anything larger would be a 1 week requirement for cancellation. Within this time frame is by LB Limousine discretion. Although we dnot want tcharge you for services not rendered, if you have taken a slot up for another service that would be the only option. If reserving multiple vehicles then we would discuss a longer cancellation requirement as that would effect our schedule much more than just 1 cancellation.
Our chauffeurs have been employed with us for years...even before the pandemic. We fully screen and background check all potential applicants. One of the prerequisites for being hired is tsubmit ta DMV pull notice which releases all of the chauffeurs past infractions and accidents. We then receive regular updates from the DMV if any new accidents or traffic infractions occur. They are then given a month of training by Patrick or Vaz (the owners of the service) in “how tbe a chauffeur”. Within this month they are quizzed on the Los Angeles and surrounding counties swe can gauge their knowledge of the area and taken tdrive at or near major areas we service. Most important part of this training is LAX. This is our main point of service and becoming an expert in this airport is non negotiable. All chauffeurs must know how tA.) stage for pick ups B.) find parking for meet and greets C.) track flights and D.) navigate through the airport. At the end of the month we expect the chauffeurs tbe an extension of ourselves without exception.
We try tbe as simple as possible when it comes tour pricing for our services. All rates will have a flat fee plus 20% gratuity. Hourly services will have a set hourly fee plus 20% gratuity. When arriving at an airport there will be additional costs. LAX Airport would have a $25 airport fee and would come with curbside pick up. $55 for meet and greet only if parking lots are open (if full we refund the $30 additional and gback to curbside). You can guarantee your meet and greet with an additional $60 ($115 total) which goes directly tLAX tprepay for parking.
We will provide our best guess on if your luggage will fit but we will not be held responsible if it does not. We can not see your luggage swe will tell you the vehicle we are recommending and ask if that many will fit. On the day of the chauffeur is the final say on if it will fit. If it will not you will have tfind another car via rideshare tsplit the luggage and passengers before departing.
We always recommend clients dcurbside pick up for all airport arrivals, especially those at LAX. Parking lots get congested and even if chauffeurs find parking your time in the airport will be more based on how many vehicles are exiting the terminal while we are. If you are able thandle your luggage it is best tcome curbside. If you would like meet and greet then it would be an added $30 only if parking lots are open or $90 which would guarantee your meet and greet with a reserved parking pass.
Domestic flights we recommend arriving at the airport 1.5 hours prior for smaller airports and 2 hours for LAX. For international flights we recommend 3 hours prior regardless of airport. Based on when you would like tarrive at the airport we can give you our recommendation when tleave your home or hotel. These recommendations will be cautious ones and we will provide ample time tmake sure you dnot miss your flight.
Throughout our time in the limousine industry we have seen everything from delays, cancellations, teven our fair share of diversions. Our office tracks all flights and face all airport issues head on as soon as they arise. We ask our clients treach out tus as soon as they see a delay in their schedule as we typically aren’t notified until after the client finds out. The sooner we are made aware of a delay the more tools we will have tmake sure you have a chauffeur on site at time of pick up. We alshave many affiliates in the industry whwill be able tlend a hand should we need it on the updated flight time. Every reliable limservice in the industry works together in case they are ever caught in a situation where they need help tcover a reservation.
Unfortunately we dnot provide discounts for round trip bookings. When your pick up is from the airport it will always be more expensive due tairport fees based on which type of pick up you prefer.
All stops are a minimum $30 which come with a 15 min grace period at the stop then $2.25 per minute plus 20% gratuity until back on board. If the stop is not on the way the rates would be determined based on the location.
All point tpoint transfers are a 15 min grace period then $2.25 per minute thereafter plus 20% gratuity until on board. All hourly services will be a 15 min grace period, then a full hour charge. For any airport domestic arrivals you receive 60 min grace period from time of arrival at gate (different then time of landing) then $2.25 per minute plus 20% gratuity until on board. International arriving flights would be 90 min grace period from time of arrival at gate then $2.25 per minute plus 20% gratuity until on board.
All dogs and cats are allowed on board our vehicles at LB Limousine. However, we ask that you crate your pet during the duration of the ride. Service dogs are never caged which we understand. If you choose tkeep the pet out of the cage and they dshed then a $100 clean up fee will be applied tdetail the vehicle after your trip has been completed.
At the current time of this writing (2023) we have all vehicles at 2 years or newer. The industry norm is tkeep vehicles for 4-5 years. However, since we look toffer the best tour clients we renew vehicles before they are 3 years old. At LB Limousine you can rest assured that you will always be serviced by the very best vehicles the industry has toffer.
This is a major concern for all potential clients. We always start by telling them that if a service was not going to show up they wouldn’t admit it anyways. Our reviews and ratings speak the type of care we put in tracking all of our assignments. Although we acknowledge that anything is possible in our service as it is sunpredictable, we take extreme measures tensure you dnot have tworry on where your chauffeur or vehicle is at the times you have reserved with us.
Once you receive your quote and are ready to move forward you can either reserve online at or call us at 310-494-1080. We prefer you reach out directly so we can know your needs and see tit that your expectations are exceeded. Once in of is received we will send a payment receipt and confirmation for your reservation. You will receive reminder emails 3 days and 1 day prior to your event. You will also receive an email with your chauffeur infat least a day prior. (Sometimes multiple emails are sent but that is because our schedule is always changing and we must adapt the schedule as new reservations come in).
All chauffeurs are required fully sanitize and check that all amenities are new and unopened. The interior is detailed daily tlook as if it was taken out of a dealership and brought tyour service. Each reservation that is completed, the same process is done again. Vehicles are washed daily at either our offices or at the various express washes where we hold memberships. Our level of expertise and service will be shown through the cleanliness of both our chauffeurs and our vehicles.

Serving Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas

Our LAX car services proudly encompass the Los Angeles area including Bel Air, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Pasadena. Irvine, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Santa Barbara, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, Santa Clarita County, Orange County, and Ventura County.
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